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Quality coatings at a sensible price

Quality coating at a sensible price


Stone Chip Roof

Stone Chip re-surfacing.


My preference is for Decragard, produced by Gerrard Roofing (Auckland). It is a highly resilient, flexible coating on a bituminous base. It comes with a 10-year pro rata warranty.

The product has chip added to the base to produce an excellent finish which looks like a new roof. There is a wide range of colours available for the UV resistant top coat. I will happily discuss the options to provide protection that will last for years and years.

Wattyl and Dulux produce good commercial coatings at a reasonable price for some applications.

My pride is in providing the best quality at a sensible price.



Stone Chip Roof

Concrete Tile Restoration


Concrete tiles are completely exposed to the elements, and without protection they will erode from the outside (pitting, and crumbly concrete in the spouting) and from the inside, with water washing out the lime and destroying the integrity of the tile.

A quality protective coating will improve the strength of the tile and completely arrest the degradation process. It will save an eventual re-roof and look lovely too.

A hard, strong coating is good for concrete, but a flexible surface is fine too, as long as it is resilient and long-lasting.

It is the resins in the coating that determine the quality, and I will happily discuss the options with you.

After all necessary repairs are carried out, we waterproof the tiles and apply a strengthening base coat. The top coat is applied in one very thick sheet for extra durability.

Hitchins (Wellington) produce a high-resin acrylic coating which has excellent flexibility but is exceptionally hard-wearing. It comes with a 15-year warranty with few conditions. I prefer this product for concrete tile roofs, and for iron where stretch and movement is essential to cope with seasonal temperature differences.

My pride is in providing the best quality at a sensible price.


Stone Chip Roof

Moss Control.
An amazing difference!


There are two basic moss and lichen chemicals; chlorine-based and 'quat' based. Chlorine is a quick kill which burns the moss and lichen but often the roots remain live and the waxy surface of lichen is protective meaning chlorine can not penetrate. The quat-based products are absorbed, and kill from the inside with a residual action meaning that a three-yearly programme will keep your roof clean and permanently lichen-free.

'Quat' is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable product, and will not harm surrounding plants or pets.

Do I need to wash down or waterblast?

When the vegetable material rots down, it will be dispersed by wind and rain. This will take several months, even up to a year for a completely clean roof. The process can be accelerated by water blasting. I will indicate on your quote whether this could be an appropriate option for your roof. In some cases the substrate should not be exposed to the stress of pressure washing.

The process can be sped up with additives without affecting the biodegradable nature of the product, and this can be done at no extra cost if we treat your roof (or we can supply the additive separately if you wish to treat your roof yourself).


You are welcome to buy the product from me at a sensible price, or have us apply it with a guarantee of success.

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